Breeding Plans

We have no further plans to breed.
Tarni has had one litter in 2006, which we called the Elu "Full of Grace" litter.

Elu "Full of Grace" litter

Born 11 May 2006
Five puppies (4 girls and 1 boy)
iLeo pedigree

Aust. Ch. Hochspitz Taltarni

Owned and loved by Megan & Stuart Edwards at Dahkeya (Victoria)
iLeo: Pedigree and Health details

Lukas v.d. Lowenhohle (Imp. Canada)

Owned and loved by Kerrie Port at Roanoak (Tasmania)

iLeo: Pedigree and Health details

11 May 2006

Tarni delivered 5 pups by caesarean section shortly after 6pm: 4 girls & 1 boy. Tarni didn't progress to 2nd stage labour and there appeared to be no other choice than to perform a C-section.

Tragically the smallest girl was tiny & very weak and despite the amazing efforts of the vets & nurses she passed away approx an hour after they were born. The Vets were fantastic; they included each and everyone of us thoughout the operation and we all had a drink to celebrate the event & the passing of our little wee girl (she was definitely a fighter and not once did the Vets give up on her). It was such a 'Team' effort, words simply cannot express the emotions from everyone that were running in the room.

Tarni is doing well and is very accepting of her pups. Green girl, Purple girl and the little boy are all feeding really well but Pink girl was having some difficulty feeding. However she is now latching onto a teat and is increasing steadily in weight.

They range in weight from 480g (Pink girl) to 580g (Purple girl).

13 May 2006

Firstly, to those who have wished Tarni, her pups and us very best wishes - we sincerely thank you all & appreciate it very much. Little critters are absolutely greedy guts!!!!! Just had their weigh in & they are doing extremely well with their intake, including our smallest Pink girl.

Green Girl - 690g (was 560g, same time as last night)
Purple Girl - 690g (was 575g)
Boy - 635g (was 520g)
Pink Girl - 605g (was 510g)

Tarni is taking everything in her stride & we are extremely proud of her. She is very alert when they start to cry & washes them well.

The kids are absolutely thrilled, as are we. Kayla is besotted with Pink girl and Daniel can't wait to get them outside for a run-around.

19 May 2006

As of yesterday, the 4 little/chubby babes hit over the 1kg mark (at Day 6) - yipeeeee!
As of last night:
  • Boy - 1260g
  • Green Girl - 1240g
  • Purple Girl - 1330g
  • Pink Girl - 1280g

Pink Girl has certainly come a long way in the past few days & am sure Purple Girl is scared her mum is going to run out of food and just keeps going back for more. I kid you not, once they've had their feed - they literally roll off the nipple (one too many drinks - vbg); their tummies are that full. They are just like fat little roly poly wombats and are very, very content just like their mother & father. Great to see.

4 June 2006

Our puppy names will be based on Apache Indian names, as is our Breeder's Prefix. We still haven't decided on all the names yet, but our theme being:- "Elu" (Full of Grace). Pups were weighed yesterday and are coming along nicely:-
  • Purple Girl - 3840g
  • Pink Girl - 3730g
  • Boy - 3660g
  • Green Girl - 3590g

8 June 2006

Tarni/Luke's litter "Full of Grace" are 4 weeks young today. They were weighed last night and doing extremely well:-
  • Boy - 4530g
  • Green girl - 4220g
  • Purple girl - 4470g
  • Pink girl - 4320g

9 June 2006

Today the pups experienced their first try of Chicken Necks. I've never seen these things last more than 15 seconds in our household so it was a bit of a buzz watching these little sweeties attempt to chew. Not one got finished, but Pink & Green girl thoroughly enjoyed chewing whilst Boy and Purple girl were more interested in playing.

Today also was their first experience with VAN (Vets All Natural) - I mixed with Rump mince, small amount of egg yolk and liver; well that was another story - this got devoured (ie. they hoed in to it like there was no tomorrow)!

14 June 2006

The latest photos show the 'during' & 'after' of the pups' first attempt of a chicken drumstick each. When you see the 'after' photo, I am sure you'll ask the same question as me??? "Are these real Leo's??" I can't believe they left the bone! They chewed all the meat off & left the bone - can you believe it??? Anyways as you'll notice by the weights; the pups are certainly not starving - LOL!!!!!
  • Boy - 5870g
  • Green Girl - 5620g
  • Purple Girl - 5850g
  • Pink Girl - 5670g

6 July 2006

The pups turned 8 weeks young today and soon enough will be going to their new homes (if we can let them go!!!!); this breeding stuff is pretty emotional - very easy to get sooooo very attached to each & every one of them; I now know why I couldn't do this for a business (bg). We took them for a visit to the vets tonight to say Hello as we have constantly being asked 'how they are growing' - we got them weighed as they needed worming (so those so-called scales that put a big smile on my face because they were so big, 'so I believed at the time' - now the pups can barely fit in). We certainly got the thumbs up from everyone at the vets:
  • Boy - 9,500g (or 9.5Kg)
  • Purple Girl - 10,100g
  • Green Girl - 9,200g
  • Pink Girl - 10,000g

It is just wonderful watching Tarni & Shae play with the pups; definitely a time waster.

7 July 2006

The Edwards clan sat around the table with Fish n Chips & thought it best that seeing as the pups are going in the next 2 weeks, we ought to make a decision which is staying here......................... after much discussion, laughter, lots & lots of tears (happy & sad) - we have finally made a decision - so much very different to what we have always said - not a girl but BOY!!!!!! (the one & only boy is now staying with us). Nope, we don't have a name yet - working on this, although we are down to a cple of choices now (thank goodness for the poor little man!!).

9 July 2006

We have finally chosen a name for our Boy. This poor bugger has been called 4 different names to-date (no wonder he comes to anything, lol....) We were tossing around a couple as we also received suggestions from friends (thank you all). We were stuck on 2 in particular which we very much liked, 'Beau' being one. We have however gone with the other as I think the background makes it a little more special.

Boy's name is 'BART' (Hobart - get the idea, Kerrie/Luke are from Tassie) and the kids love Bart on The Simpsons.

21 July 2006

Last week was an emotional week for the Edwards Clan; full of laughter, smiles, happiness, sadness, sense of loss & many tears shed by all. The kids and Stu were more taken than I would have ever imagined which upset me even more. This journey we took with Tarni has been a huge learning curve & an absolutely fantastic experience shared by our family. The journey of Tarni & her pups is now on to the next stage; pups have gone to their new & wonderful homes which brings us much peace & harmony, with Hobart (Bart), the newcomer to our household. What is wonderful is that the new puppy owners have been & will continue to keep in close contact with us as they are now part of our 'extended family' (poor bastards!!!!).

Pups are all settling in well to their new environment & of course Bart has made himself right at home here. His toilet manners are coming along very well & he is very polite just like his mother. He sleeps like Tarni and is as gentle as her (so far!!) - so from this end, all is very, very well.

The `Elu' litter turned 10 weeks yesterday, so off we went to have Bart weighed. This little chunkster came in at 13.2Kg.